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Former prosecutor speaks in Geneva about bail reform, discovery changes

A former prosecutor, who now leads a state agency in the criminal justice world – was in Geneva this week speaking about bail reform changes that took hold on January 1st.

Former Monroe County District Attorney Michael Green now leads the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

He defended the laws that took effect at the start of the year. Changes to bail reform and discovery have both created a lot of controversy, and pushback from law enforcement.

That said, Green says the changes haven’t made New York less safe. “The reality is, through the entire time I worked as a prosecutor for 25 years, we had a bail statue, a bail law, that favored rich people and disadvantaged poor people,” he said. “We all realize this is an ongoing process and we need to continue to evaluate it. While we’ve taken care of the basic unfairness, there may be consequences and details that come to light that we weren’t looking at.”

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