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Cuomo calls for latin unity phrase to be added to New York flag

Is it time for change?

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to make some changes to the New York State flag. A change that would place a latin phrase he has loaded into speeches, economic development, and more.

Cuomo is proposing a tweet to the state coat of arms, according to the D&C. He’s asking for support from lawmakers to add “e pluribus unum” — Latin for “out of many, one” — to the image at the center of the state flag and official seal.

He unveiled the proposal at last week’s state of the state address. For perspective, the state hasn’t changed its coat of arms in more than 130 years.

“In this term of turmoil, let New York state remind the nation of who we are,” Cuomo said in his State of the State. “Let’s add ‘e pluribus unum’ to the seal of our state and proclaim at this time the simple truth that without unity, we are nothing.”

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