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Comegys will challenge Republican Assemblyman Manktelow this year

Assemblyman Brian Manktelow will have a challenger in the 130th District.

Democrat Scott Comegys has made his second bid for the seat official. He ran unsuccessfully when Assemblyman Bob Oaks retired two years ago.

Manktelow announced is bid for another term in early-January.

Meanwhile, Comegys says that while the state has made some meaningful progress in areas – the district could have better representation.

“Last year New York state made some successful leaps forward addressing issues of justice, social protections for LGBTQ+ rights, Women’s rights, labor rights, environmental concerns including climate change and election reforms,” Comegys said in a press release. “It was a remarkable year, and I should be happy and proud of our legislators for accomplishing so much. I am, except that the legislation, in many ways, has flaws that could be worked out with the addition of more rural perspectives working with the Assembly.”

People living in rural communities, like those in Wayne and Northern Cayuga counties, can be an example for their urban counterparts.

“Of necessity, the people in rural New York have had to be creative innovators to use the resources around them while preserving the land that enables them to thrive,” he said. “They’ve had to pool resources to take care of their neighbors and ensure their well-being. They’ve embraced new technologies and infrastructure to connect and build communities.”

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