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Odor could get worse at Ontario County Landfill before it improves this winter

Casella says things may get worse, before they improve. At least as it pertains to the ever-worrisome smell associated with the Ontario County Landfill along 5&20.

Mark Johnson of Casella Waste Systems says changes are coming, but that those changes will take time to implement.

“We want to put them on the slopes, but we need it to freeze to get equipment on the slope. It’s been too warm and wet to move equipment safely onto the slope,” Johnson has told officials in Ontario County. “Hopefully, I’ll be able to report that the wells are in at your next meeting. We are adding a de-watering system to drain water from the lines. This is the right design for this landfill.”

“I’ve been overseeing these horizontal installations for more than twenty years. Once done, they have a dramatic, significant effect on odor,” Johnson added.

How long it takes to implement the changes – depends on the weather, among other things. Officials say that the changes could be completed by the end of winter, though.

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