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Could marijuana legalization finally happen in New York?

In 2019 it looked like marijuana legalization could happen. It had passed in some nearby states, and Democrats, who controlled both chambers in New York State were generally supportive of the idea.

The legislation stalled, though, and subsequent vaping illnesses stirred up new concerns that residents and voters hadn’t thought of before.

“This year, let’s work with our neighbors … to coordinate a safe and fair system,” New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo said this week. He wants to work with neighboring governors in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania to make sure that it’s implemented appropriately.

What could complicate things? It’s an election year. The politics of pot legalization look more complex due to that.

“The fact that he has really centered it as part of his agenda for this legislative session goes to show just the tremendous amount of impact and momentum there is around legalization,” says Melissa Moore of the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance.

Supporters are hopeful, and want to see legalization happen in 2020.

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