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‘BACK IN BUSINESS’: Judge rules against Governor Cuomo’s vape ban

Over the weekend, acting state Supreme Court Justice Catherine Cholakis ruled that the state Public Health and Health Planning Council overstepped its authority last September when it issued a ban on e-cigarettes and e-liquids flavored with anything other than tobacco or menthol.

Regulations like the kind that were put forward by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration – are the kind that can only be put in place by the legislature.

The ruling blocks the state from enforcing the ban.

Mosla Moad, who manages Mattydale Cigars and Tobacco, says part of their business was threatened when the ban went into effect.

“We were actually pretty sad about it because they actually sell pretty good and I actually smoke them myself too,” Moad told “But the good thing is now they have overturned it and we are back in business.”

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