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Auburn City Council hears about $21 million capital improvement plans for sewer

It’s possible that there could be some major investment happening in the infrastructure category, after a recent meeting of the Auburn City Council.

A sewer study was presented to Council on Thursday, and it inlaced a capital improvement plan that would cost more than $21 million, according to The Citizen.

Like a lot of communities in the region – infrastructure failures and high costs associated with improving those aging facilities is a challenge.

The process would be a ‘transformation’ for some of the neighborhoods involved. Overhauling sewer means that streets will have to be redeveloped, and by completion – it would look entirely new. That said, it would have an impact on quality of life while the work is being done, which is why officials want to study it.

Officials have acknowledged that a lot of reinvestment would be necessary in the city over the next several years.

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