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Workforce is declining across Upstate New York and it’s a problem

While some officials tout unemployment numbers, or Upstate New York investment – workforce experts say a crucial category is declining.

Years of upstate economic woes and a rising cost of living have sent workers elsewhere, mostly out of state, to pursue job opportunities that up until recent years were lacking across wide swaths of the state, the Democrat and Chronicle reports.

It’s a big problem. The Labor Department notes that the labor force across all Upstate counties has declined more than 3% since 2010.

Census data likely won’t grant New York any favors, either. Population has cratered over the last decade. For the last several years, New York State has led the way in outward migration across the U.S.

It’s particularly concerning because leaders don’t have a good answer for the problem. How do you increase workforce participation – when the population is shrinking, and unemployment is low?

That’s the looming issue that most Upstate economic, especially those that aren’t part of the major metros – have the most-difficulty addressing.

Check out more of the D&C’s report here.

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