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Flu cases on the rise in Ontario, but fewer cases seen in Yates, Seneca

In Ontario County and other parts of the Finger Lakes – the flu season started slow. In Monroe County, it moved quickly. That can happen, and is pretty indicative of a typical flu season, according to experts.

But, Mary Beers, Director of Public Health in Ontario County says things are picking up.

“We were behind (our usual numbers) for most of October and November, but our December numbers drastically increased, likely due to holiday gatherings,” Beer told the Finger Lakes Times. “Doctors and hospitals in the area are seeing a lot of flu.”

There were more than 100 cases of confirmed flu in Ontario County. Visitor restrictions had been implemented at F.F. Thompson Hospital.

Ontario County’s numbers reflect a sharp increase in the number of statewide laboratory-confirmed flu cases and hospitalizations reported to the Department of Health, as reported by the Times.

Getting a flu shot is the easiest way to arm yourself against the flu. Vaccination is crucial, those experts say. Beyond that, frequent hand washing, and avoiding frequent contact with the face is important.

Seneca County Director of Public Health Vickie Swinehart says a limited number of flu cases have been reported in Seneca County. In Yates County, there were only 24 confirmed cases.

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