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Dresden VFD pays for new truck with donations, then joins Dundee volunteers making bigger donation (video)

Volunteer firefighters in Dresden and Dundee did the best thing they could when they learned about a department in need.

That department was in Arkansas, and had purchased the pumper truck Dresden first responders were letting go.

The new, lightly used pumper-rescue truck was paid for entirely with donations and fundraisers by the volunteers and Auxiliary. The entire $150,000 cost was covered through that volunteer, fundraising effort.

That got those same first responders thinking about the large, rural fire district in Arkansas that would receive their truck.

It was the Swan Lane Fire Department in Altheimer, Arkansas. The Chronicle-Express reports that it’s one of four volunteer departments within a large, rural district that covers a 45 minute area. There aren’t any fire tax collections there, nor any contracts – so the department uses whatever they can get their hands on.

That’s why first responders loaded the E25, Dresden’s old truck, with older gear and equipment that works, but doesn’t meet New York State legal standards for firefighting.

First Assistant Chief Howard Leach told The Chronicle-Express that the older gear “was just gathering dust in storage.” Turnout gear, 1,300 feet of 5-inch hose, three 10-foot lengths of suction hose, and much more.

When the Dundee Volunteer Fire Department learned about Dresden’s effort – they joined – giving another several dozen sets of turnout gear. Brand new, those sets of gear can cost up to $3,000 each.

“We’re very glad to see it go to another home where it’ll be used well,” firefighters in Dundee told The Chronicle-Express.

Dresden’s new fire truck, photo provided by Dresden FD Facebook Page.

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