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Millions coming to Yates County to expand access to high speed internet

Get ready for a bump in download speeds.

Well, at least that’s the intent of the ReConnect grant program, which is administered through the United States Department of Agriculture.

Yates County will receive $10.3 million as part of the grant to provide access directly to homes. That grant will be combined with a local share fronted by the County to the tune of $3.6 million will go a long way to fund high speed internet access expansion.

Yates County Planner Dan Long says that the project will provide access to a population of 3,253 individuals in 1,635 households and 322 businesses over approximately 80 square miles, according to The Chronicle-Express.

“These areas were determined by a process of elimination of areas already receiving grant funds for build-out combined with available information from carriers, state agencies and other sources,” he said at a recent meeting.

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