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Gifts to buy for your poker-loving friend

So you’re looking to buy a Gift for your Poker-loving friend, but where do you start?

If you’ve hit a brick wall trying to figure what to buy, we’ve laid out some of the most popular, budget-friendly, and thoughtful gift ideas below.

But before reading any further, take a minute and think deeply about what kind of present you want to gift. Something thoughtful? Or something useful? Maybe both. Either way, try and visualize the emotion of the gift you are giving, not the gift itself. Once you’ve nailed the kind of sentiment, you want to evoke you’ll be good to go.

Have you done that? Great! Now read on and find that perfect Poker gift for your favorite card shark.

Books Published by D&B Poker

D&B Poker is for Poker fans what Harry Potter is to fans of wizard schools and fantasy.

D&B has published Poker books for over 16 years and has released more than 40 printed books and 10 audiobooks. Poker players looking for the highest quality content, created by actual Poker pros turn to D&B Poker. Some of their bestselling titles include:

  • Exploitative Play in Live Poker (Alex Fitzgerald) – Dives into detail how to exploit live players mistakes and how to respond
  • Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold ‘Em (Jonathan Little) – Unlock the masterful methods to crush recreational players at low stakes tables
  • Life’s a Gamble (Mike Sexton) – Autobiography of one of the most esteemed and revered Poker stars. This book recounts the real-life stories of someone who knows and has played against all the superstars.
  • The Pursuit of Poker Success (Lance Bradley) – What force of nature inspires the most prosperous Poker players? Find out here as fifty of them spill the beans and share their secrets of success.
  • Poker Brat (Phil Hellmuth) – Phil Hellmuth the “Brat” had an exceptional career. Share his life story with this title.
  • Moorman (Chris Moorman) – One of the most successful Poker players ever shares his inner thoughts in this compelling autobiography.
  • From Vietnam to Vegas (Qui Nguyen and Steve Blay) – Qui Nguyen destroyed several high-profile Poker stars at the 2016 main event final. Discover how it happened.

A Poker Chip Set

This next gift idea is more on the practical side of things because you can’t play poker without chips. Placing blinds, shoving all your chips into the middle when going “All in” is at the heart of the game. Novice and pro’s love to have their own personal Poker chips to bring, which makes a Poker chip set an excellent gift.

If however, your intended receiver already has a set they’re happy with, don’t jump the gun without finding out if they’re interested in receiving a new one. Maybe they’re missing half of the chips, and the case is falling apart. In which case, now is an excellent time to gift them a brand-new one.

A Poker Table

Playing on a proper Poker table elevates the experience like no other, and it helps create the perfect environment. There are two types of tables you can buy someone as a gift, and both have their pros and cons.

Poker Table Top

A tabletop is a wonderfully unique gift, as it’s highly portable and can be taken nearly anywhere, letting you deal in up to 8 players on a high-quality green felt table, with individual cup and chip holders.

Portable tabletops can be folded up and stored away when not in use and are cheaper than full-sized tables.

Billard Poker Table

If you’re looking to make a first-class display of a gift, then a billiard Poker table is bound to fit the bill. These tables are full-sized and can seat up to 10 players, including individual spots for holding chips and drinks, as well as extra hidden storage space.

Padded rims are included for extra comfort, and often include foldable legs for more accessible storage.

Card Shuffler

Shuffling skills are highly sought after at Poker games, especially when so much can potentially ride on the ability of the shuffler! Novice players may find they lack someone with enough shuffle skills or they’re merely unhappy relying on one person to shuffle each time.

Automatic shufflers take away the pain and make it easy to shuffle cards. They come in all shapes and sizes, and will often be either hand-driven or battery operated. But they’re excellent at shuffling multiple decks at the same time and are reliable. Either option makes a great gift for a Poker loving player.

These are just some of the long list of ideas of possible Poker gifts. As we said at the very beginning, first decide what kind of gift you want to buy, practical or emotional? Your buying journey will become significantly more manageable when you’ve determined which variety of present you wish to purchase.

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