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Auburn, TLC Ambulance could be parting ways as city explores its options

It’s been over a decade since the city of Auburn has had a different medical transportation company.

The city and TLC Emergency Medical Services entered into a five-year agreement in June 2013, according to The Citizen. The first time they had agreed to a contract was way back in 2006, but in recent years – things have been complicated.

The Citizen reports that the two parties failed to reach an agreement for new terms in 2018, which resulted in an extension to March 2019, and then another to this month. Now, another extension pushes things out to June 2020.

“Upon more in-depth legal review of the situation, not only does it make good business sense to occasionally go out and open up a request for proposals to make sure we’re getting the best deal that we can for our community, but then legally, we should be doing it on a more regular basis as well,” Auburn City Manager Jeff Dygert said, according to The Citizen.

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