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Seneca, Geneva to test new water well

While there should be no disruption in the water supply, town residents are being asked to conserve usage on two days next week.

Town Clerk Haley Eagley said on Tuesday, employees with the town of Seneca and Geneva water departments will test a new water well recently drilled in Geneva’s Kashong area. During the testing, the supply pumps in that area will be shut down the morning of Dec. 3 until the afternoon of Dec. 4.

“The town water system will continue to function as usual. However, we will be drawing off the supply contained in the three water tanks in the town (of Seneca),” Eagley said. “While there is sufficient storage capacity for this period of time and we do not anticipate any shortages, we are asking and encouraging all citizens to be mindful of usage and conserve wherever possible.”

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