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Canandaigua modifies proposed tax rate increase

The proposed 2020 budget in the City of Canandaigua could come at a lower cost for residents than first proposed.

The $15.8 million budget, up $500,000 over 2019’s plan, initially included a nearly 10 percent tax increase. However, after third quarter sales tax numbers were released, City Manager John Goodwin changed the proposal.

“If it changes, will have to make mid-year changes to the budget,” said Goodwin. “Hiring freezes potentially, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that.”

The additional sales tax revenue allowed an additional $50,000 be added to the general fund, reducing the tax increase to 3.68 percent.

City Mayor Ellen Polimeni calls the budget “very fair.”

“I think it keeps all of the services that our residents value. I think it also helps us look forward in terms of some of the green initiatives we have going on here in the city. So I think it’s a good budget,” said Polimeni.

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