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Why Us Car Insurers Handling Discounts and Giveaways to Ordinary People

To drive in the US, you need an insurance policy. It is advisable to seek insurance, whose brokers know the insurance system well enough.

Of course, all insurance companies also offer discounts, such as a garage discount. Discounts are also often available depending on the number of kilometers traveled (low-driver discount), the number of drivers (partner discount) or for families with children (family discount).

Depending on the goodwill and the level of knowledge of the insurers, it may then be possible to enjoy the discounts partially or even completely. The basic requirement is always a US address, a hotel address can also be sufficient or helpful.

In the US, the insurance is meant not specifically for the car, but for the requesting persons. As a result, e.g. when you change your car the same insurance applies.

In the USA you can opt for:

  • Personal Injury Protection – PIP. This is obligatory in Florida, it includes emergency clinic and relatives medical clinic costs, salary misfortune as well as extra expenses ($ 330 for a half year).
  • Liability coverage – LC. This covers property damages (PD) for people outside the vehicle (Bodily Injury Liability – BI). You could settle $ 100,000 at the highest (for about $ 250 for a half year)…
  • Comprehensive – C. This one would cover damage by fire, theft, or other losses. For as much as $ 100 for a half year.


  • Medical Payment Coverage – MP. Supplementary for the PIP.
  • Uninsured Motorists Coverage – UM. Similar to the PIP for individual damage to the driver and his family. Ideal when the accident opponent is guilty but not insured, underinsured or fleeting.
  • Collision Damage – CD (as the name implies) as well as a plethora of other insurances.

What you need to have one

To complete one of the numerous insurance options, the policyholder often has to submit an American driver’s license. However, the American driver’s license will not be issued until you have been able to prove your permanent residence in the USA for at least three months. Other insurance companies also ensure that you have an international driver’s license, but at a correspondingly high premium.

The younger you are, the more expensive the insurance will be. Especially under the age of 21 must be prepared for high surcharges. The same applies to policyholders for over 65 years (for more information please consider checking this link


Car insurance is the most important insurance in the USA. Of course, the systems may vary – and it is these differences that you want to know about. There are compulsory insurance, discount, premiums and damage classes. The classification into an insurance system is always heavily dependent on the compatibility and complexity of the systems as well as the concession of the insurance companies. In general, a classification can be made according to the previous damage-free classes or damage-free discounts.

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