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Time to Upgrade: How to Make Your Home A Smart One

Almost everything in your home, inclusive of your garage doors, lights, thermostats, and air-conditioners, can be directly connected to the internet. Also, they can be controlled without physical contact or from a distance, either with a smart speaker or a mobile device.

However, the problem many homeowners face is that setting up a smart home can be very overwhelming. There’s a wide array of different smart accessories that function only with specific products, plus some work much better than others.

For a little help, here’s a quick guide to help you make your home a smart home. Read on!

Pick Your Assistant

Okay, so first of all, you need to choose your assistant. Virtual voice-controlled assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Apple’s Siri make it much easier for you to control and regulate smart home gadgets.

All you need to do is to speak basic commands, for example, “Siri, turn off the lights.” Keep in mind that different voice-controlled assistants have their pros and cons. Therefore, pick the one that suits best to your needs.

For the most part, getting an Amazon Echo is your best option if you want to get started in setting up your smart home. This product is simple to set up, and you can plug it in anywhere that you wish to call for Alexa. The only disadvantage of this product is that it can be clunky to set up Amazon’s Alexa app for Android and iOS phones.

For Google’s Assistant, it is smarter than Siri and Alexa, when it comes to artificial intelligence. Why? Well, since it’s powered by the Google search; thus, you can ask multiple questions and can probably get an accurate response.

However, it can get annoying summoning Google’s Assistant by saying “okay Google.” lastly, Apple worked straightforwardly with smart home gadget manufacturers to guarantee that the information conveyed between Apple devices and accessories is encrypted and secure.

The problem with Siri is that it often has difficulty understanding what you’re asking it to do. Also, it only works for Apple products.

Constructing Your Smart Home System

The following are some of the ways you can build or construct a smart home system.

Home Security System

The IoT has made it much more straightforward than ever to build a smart home wherein you can remotely control your smart gadgets using your phone and an application. Also, it made it simpler to monitor and oversee your home from anywhere.

Relying upon your needs, you can opt to pay a fee to have your house professionally monitored or have a system that you monitor yourself. One of the best security systems out there is the Minut Point Smart Home Alarm.

The entire security system of Minut is one item, which is called the Point. This all-in-one sensor can cover a room at least 530 square feet. Be sure to put the device in a central location like a living room or a hallway. To know more about this product, do read an in-depth Minut Point review.

Smart Lighting

For those who are engrossed in residing in a smart home, keep in mind that lighting is the entry point. A lot of smart lighting systems function even without a central hub or a voice-controlled assistant and can still interact with other smart devices.

Take bulbs from TP-Link and LIFX, for instance. They can interact over Wifi, while others interact through the Bluetooth radio on your phone. Nevertheless, other smart lighting systems, which include Sengled Element, Cree, and Philips Hue, depend on ZigBee radios.

Thus, you need to add a Zigbee-to-Wifi bridge secured to your router. You can regulate any of these smart bulbs via your smartphone. Also, you can use it to program lighting schedules and scenes.

Smart Door Lock

Another excellent way to improve the smartness and security of your home is to replace your door lock with a smart one. Smart door locks will help you save the hassle of finding missing keys. Additionally, it enables you to open your doors using a fingerprint or through a unique pin.

Smart Thermostat

The best way to automate the temperature of your home is to install a smart thermostat. Most smart thermostats go well with both the Google Home and Amazon Echo. Also, they can be regulated through your application on your smartphone.

Smart Security Camera

Installing smart surveillance cameras in and out of your home is a perfect way to make your house more secure and smart. Security cameras are quintessential to homeowners who are serious about the security of their homes.

Choose a smart security camera system that offers better overall efficiency, an effective field of view, and maximum performance.


Making your home a smart one is simpler because of the many smart gadgets available today. Ultimately, smart home gadgets can aid you in managing your home in a well-organized way and save money on your bills.

Don’t forget to also get your home insured, and head on over to money expert – cheap house insurance for all the possible insurance plans that you can choose from.

Author’s bio: Tyler Pack is a writer and a blogger. He loves to write about technology, business, real estate, and home security. In his free time, Tyler spends time with his wife and kids.

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