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Cause of massive Hornell fire remains under investigation

Officials with the Hornell City Fire Department are still investigating the cause of the fire that burned seven homes, destroying five, and displaced dozens of people on November 17.

Hornell Fire Chief Frank Brzozowski tells WENY News four homes on Preston Avenue were completely destroyed in the fire. A fifth home, he said, was severely damaged and will likely have to be torn down.

The two other homes are located behind Preston Avenue on Washington Street. Crews say they caught fire when the wind blew the embers from the fire on the backs of the homes. Chief Brzozowski says he expects those homes are salvageable.

Investigators are still reportedly interviewing everyone involved and sifting through the destruction the blaze left behind.

If you have any information about this fire, you should call the Hornell Police Department at 607-324-2860.

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