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Modern Internet Security: All You Need to Know, Really

As we think about Internet security, we might remember the case of Edward Snowden, stories of vicious viruses that changed the lives of many, and other chilling instances when we doubted that we are safe and sound with our privacy and right to be forgotten.

Of course, Snowden’s case was all about the integrity of internal systems, viruses don’t mess with people’s lives as they did back in the days, and the 2014 story of iCloud photos leak has shown that even cloud systems can be easily hacked and slashed in a thousand pieces.

The mere concept of advanced Internet and computer security is moving because it is hard to learn from stories of success, while stories of fatal failures show the weakest sides and help specialists to change the flaw.

Briefly, we will discuss some aspects that you already know, and while you are roaming such respectable online reviews like AVG review, you understand why you are doing it in the first place.

At the same time, it would be hard not to notice how Internet security shaped our perception of safety, freedom, and behaviour on the Internet. How can you lower the impact of the imperfect system on your individual level?

Facebook Knows Too Much, Google Too

It’s not big news when we finally figured out that some entities knew too much about your daily routines. Any online and offline computer activity may tell all nuances about you, like inbox full of emails provides metadata on your communication frequency, preferences, style of communication even.

Everything is counted in the aspect of email metadata: sender, recipient, time and date, IP addresses, subject lines, and many other elements that enable Internet infrastructure to work accordingly, and as creepy as it is, it’s hard to modify or conceal this component.

You leave a digital trace of your online activities, and stored data (which will be mentioned a bit later) can be used against you. Of course, people feel a bit suspicious and paranoid, but some processes are irreversible, and already, you are in the spotlight of surveillance. It’s not that bad as it sounds when your data is treated with integrity and an appropriate level of security. You might even don’t notice when the information was collected, and you agreed to share it.

All of this leads to the notion that we cannot get rid too easily from our digital shadows. That’s why this data should be regulated and protected by law and legislation. We see that some political and social aspects result in information blockage, and as much as we want to be protected, we don’t want to be censored.

That’s why on individual levels, we can secure ourselves with antiviruses and other software solutions, to avoid any exposure and impact.

Edward Snowden, A Hero or Vigilante?

The case of Edward Snowden made a big of the hustle, and many may still think about him contradicting opinions. Yet, it is his disclosure of government surveillance that brought concepts of Internet security into mass attention.

Everything from your bank balance to local store audit integrity depends on your computer safety and integrity. The primary component of your data security is encryption, authentication, and many other elements that are not offered by significant antivirus developers.

Unlike creating false information and staying confused, you can use lesser the data you are producing online. You may be surprised, but even such small actions as deleting old apps, erasing unwanted pictures and emails, and limiting your data generation can cost you a lot of nerves.

Another tactic is to turn to Antiviruses and all relevant extensions that secure your connection, create buffer storage, and exclude the potential breaches or phishing attacks on your PC or smartphone.


Of course, we cannot change the pattern over one night. We still need some data to be stored and analyzed for the better quality of our virtual environment purposes. However, we also need third parties or proper authorities to have as little impact as possible on us. To be free and secured from any prejudices when our sensitive data exists in the network, developers and end-users learn from mistakes made in the past for predicting better behavior and patterns in the future.

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