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Victor teen recounts ‘vaping nightmare’

It almost cost him his life. Now, one Victor teen is sharing his “vaping nightmare.”

Giovanni Marino, 19, started vaping a year ago. It started with low-nicotine products, but eventually turned into a combination of nicotine and THC.

Then, this past September, constant vomiting and dehydration sent him to the hospital and he was diagnosed with Shattered Glass Lung Syndrome. He spent eight days there – five of those in the ICU.

“I almost died three different times,” he said. “It’s pretty crazy. You know, my family, the effect it had on my family was they had to call my brother and my sister because it may have been the last time I talked to them – and just hearing that from my dad, him just saying that to me, that could have been the last time you talked to your brother and sister, it’s terrifying. It’s something I never want to go through again. It’s scary, especially at this age.”

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