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Top 15 Fun Facts for Students

Student years are the most interesting, funny and unforgettable in life. Do you want to learn more about student life? Then read on. This article contains fun facts for students.

Amazing Facts about Student Life

A list of the top 15 awesome facts for students is represented below:

  1. Among the strange Japanese traditions, there are many pretty sweet ones. Many Japanese students will never forget the Kit Kat chocolate bar for the exam as a talisman. After all, it has a positive name — in Japanese, the phrase “we will definitely win” sounds almost the same as the name of chocolate;

  2. The unofficial name for psychology is “the science of sophomore students and white rats,” because it is precisely over them that a great number of experiments are performed. Research psychologists usually work in institutes; therefore, they most often attract students for research;  In addition, psychology students are often faced with the problem of writing research papers, articles, and essays. Nowadays, students can seek qualified help from custom writing services to get quality papers or just understand the structure of writing research papers in psychology.

  3. The well-known model of classic men’s shoes “penny loafer” is also related to student life. On these shoes there is a slot where, according to tradition, a penny was inserted before passing the exam to make the ticket easier and the teacher to be kinder;

  4. 200 years ago, in Russian restaurants, pubs, and other drinking establishments, addresses were written directly on the backs of students. In one of Chekhov’s stories, such a situation is described — the porters questioned the addresses of the students who had drunk, and wrote them in chalk. This was done in order to inform the cabmen where to deliver them;

  5. Dr. Frankenstein, who created his monster, was a student. Contrary to popular belief, Frankenstein is not the name of a monster at all. The writer Mary Shelley in the novel “Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus”, called him simply “Monster”. But Frankenstein was called Victor, he was a young Swiss student and did not want anything bad at all, and he did not have an assistant, Igor. Victor created his monster from improvised materials, and not from parts of dead people. All these errors appeared in subsequent works and adaptations;

  6. In Princeton, in the USA, teachers do not follow students during written exams; they even leave the classrooms. The whole thing is the “Code of Honesty” — the oath that all students give on the first day of study. This oath also says that, as highly moral citizens, they will not write off exams;

  7. Student life takes up a lot of energy, and students often just fall asleep in pairs. At the University of Nantes in France, the leader equipped a special room for students so that young people could take a nap in between lectures. During the day, any student can go there and relax. In the lounges, it is impossible to smoke, listen to music, talk loudly or even kiss. The decision to create such a room arose because many students fell asleep during pairs. It’s good that most students today can rely on specialists such as and buy college papers, which allows them to remain active throughout the day;

  8. In American Yale, there is still a tradition of transmitting the lecture notes. Senior students pass on their notes to freshmen who become debtors. But the money does not help here. The eyes of debtors are painted so that it looks like headlights. After that, a freshman rides an undergraduate on his back for several hours;

  9. The ancient tradition of the primeval cry is still popular in many universities. The student can scream loudly during the session, and usually, the scream lasts from five to ten minutes. It is believed that it helps to cope with stress and strain from exams;

  10. Georgetown University (USA) has a funny tradition. Students regularly steal arrows from the main tower clock. After that, the arrows are usually sent to the Vatican to the Pope. Despite the strengthening of the security system, the requests of the university administration, the arrows disappear every five to six years;

  11. Students at universities not only have fun but also study. And sometimes riddles that were not given to professors are solved right on the student’s bench. George Danzig, a future mathematician, being a graduate student at a university, was once late for a lecture. He saw the equation on the blackboard and mistook it for homework. It seemed to him more difficult than usual, and he spent several days on the solution. Then it revealed that he solved two issues in statistics that no one could solve;

  12. At the University of Wroclaw in Poland, graduates traditionally dress up a swordsman statue installed in front of the university. The tradition is fulfilled on the night before graduation, and the Poles choose the clothes as ridiculous as possible;

  13. No one should argue with teachers. This was confirmed by one student, who studied at Oxford University and once requested a glass of beer on the exam. One of the ancient customs of the educational institution allowed this. The student received his drink but then the teacher fined him. The gumptious teacher referred to an older tradition: students were not allowed to come on an exam without a sword;

  14. Modern students rarely use paper books. According to a survey by the World Center for the Study of Public Opinion, 73% of university students prefer to use electronic library systems. Current students read e-books on mobile media. There are even readers specifically focused on educational purposes, for example, PocketBook 740;

  15. In Europe, people later begin to receive an education. For example, in Switzerland, the average student age is 25.5 years.

And what interesting stories happened at the institute with you?

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