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New detour set around W. Bayard St. in Seneca Falls

Motorists who have been using Barker Street as the detour around a closed section of West Bayard Street are now being directed to a new one.

Police Chief Stu Peenstra said traffic is being diverted up Bridge and Ovid streets to the end where they merge, avoiding not only Barker Street but also Maynard, Mechanic and South streets. Barker, as the closest to West Bayard, is the most heavily used.

“Residents of Barker and other side streets are complaining. They are narrow streets with just enough room for two lanes of traffic,” Peenstra said. “We feel it’s safer to use the main streets of Bridge and Ovid, which are wider.”

He said signs directing motorists to the new detour have been placed, along with signs saying “local traffic only” on the four side streets.

“We want people to be educated about those changes. If they comply, we won’t have to enforce the local traffic only requirement and issue traffic tickets,” Peenstra said. “It has been bad on Barker Street in particular in the morning and night when people go to and from work increases the amount of traffic.”

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