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More law enforcement officials call for criminal justice reforms to be pushed back

Law enforcement figures from our area gathered Thursday as part of another call for New York state to push back the start of criminal justice reforms.

Those reforms, set to go into effect January 1, would remove bail requirements for non-violent offenses – replacing them with appearance tickets – and change rules concerning the discovery phase of prosecutions.

Supporters say the measures combat a discriminatory bail system and will not send suspects considered dangerous back into society immediately after an arrest. However, critics say a list of crimes that will no longer fall under bail requirements includes serious charges, such as vehicular manslaughter and burglary, and could put victims at risk.

“The 2019 criminal justice reforms will significantly alter the procedural landscape of prosecutors’ offices, impact the fiscal operations of county and alter law enforcement practices at every level,” Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Perry Duckles said at a news conference Thursday.

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