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LIFE IN THE FINGER LAKES: A Finger Lakes “Friendsgiving”

As many people across the nation prepare for next Thursday’s festivities, they may also be thinking about a precursor holiday that has become synonymous with Thanksgiving: Friendsgiving.

I’m not sure where or who to credit the rise of Friendsgiving to. The first time I had seen this term come to life was on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother when the whole cast got together every year to celebrate. Marshall famously always provided the Gouda and Barney always awaited a slap in the face.

However, it seems that there is no one particular instance that made this term have the weight it holds today. At first what seemed like a clever idea became a yearly tradition among friend groups. Holding a pre-thanksgiving celebration with friends in addition to a traditional family group celebration brings home the values people often associate with this holiday.


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