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Akropolis owner wins foreclosure case that started in 2007

A state Supreme Court decision has ruled in favor of a business owner who took Ontario County to court in 2008 over a tax foreclosure sale of her Akropolis Family Restaurant.

Pending any further appeals, a more than 12-year battle between Ontario County and Krystalo “Kristine” Hetelekides is finally over. In the decision dated Oct. 30, state Supreme Court Justice John Ark ruled the foreclosure invalid. The court awards Hetelekides monetary damages — the difference between unpaid taxes and a tax sale price of $160,000. That’s the amount a relative of Hetelekides paid to buy back the restaurant on her behalf at the county’s annual tax foreclosure sale in 2007.

Hetelekides sued the county over its handling of the foreclosure regarding notification and other issues.

“It was a long fight,” said attorney Mary Jo Korona with Adams Leclair LLP, who represented Hetelekides. The litigation that dragged on for years involved three days of trial.

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