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What drives cancer rates around the Finger Lakes?

Does where you live increase your chances of getting cancer? State data indicates it may very well play a role.

Some of our local counties have some of the highest rates of certain cancer in all of New York State and health professionals have spent the last year trying to find out why.

Melanie Haers was 30 years old, with a 1-month-old daughter when she had a seizure in the middle of the night and was rushed to the hospital.

“They did a scan and the doctor walked in and said you have a tumor on the left side of your brain,” she told News10NBC back in 2018.

No signs, no symptoms, an otherwise healthy young woman had brain cancer, “My heart is like… who is going to raise my daughter,” Melanie recalled.

She had surgery, then chemo, then radiation, all the while thinking about how badly she wanted to have another child for her daughter’s sake.

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