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Family, friends mourn loss of Weedsport man killed by drunk driver

Family and friends are mourning the loss of 59-year-old Mark Knapp, who was killed on November 10 by a drunk driver, Heriberto Perez-Velasquez.

David Sterio is one of those friends. He worked with Mark for over sixteen years at Knapp Electric , a company started by Mark’s brother randy.

“Mark was a great guy. He knew a lot about the trade, knew a lot about business, and knew a lot about a personal relationship,” said David.

As Knapp Electric grew, Mark became the project manager. David really enjoyed working for Mark, who always treated his employees like family.

“Easy to get to know, easy to talk to. I mean he was six foot built like a linebacker, but he wasn’t a tough guy,” said David.

David remembers one of Mark’s favorite things to do when he would come and visit Oswego for projects.

“But when we were doing jobs in Oswego, Mark used to come up and make sure whether he was on his way into town or on his way out of town, he’d always stop at Rudy’s,” said David.

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