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Officials appeal to NYS as bail reform, discovery expense looms

A representative of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office was invited to attend last week’s meeting of the Public Safety Committee of the Yates County Legislature to hear from Sheriff Ron Spike and District Attorney Todd Casella on the impact that the Bail Reform Act will have on law enforcement agencies and district attorney offices in small, rural counties like Yates.

Zachary Palleschi-King of the Rochester office, was welcomed by Legislature Chairman Douglas Paddock and immediately presented with a hard fact. Paddock stated that just hiring two staff for the DA’s office and one more Sheriff’s Office Investigator for evidence handling, will eat up 70% of the 2% tax cap imposed on the county by the state, a significant cost to meet the requirements of the new law. While King appreciated that fact, he said he was here in a listening capacity only.

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