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The goal is a playground for all in Canandaigua

One of life’s certainties is that pretty much every child loves to go to a playground. The joy of being outdoors, moving around, laughing and socializing is a universal emotion.

However, a traditional playground doesn’t work for all children, especially those with challenges.

Michael and Nanci Bentley of Canandaigua have begun a campaign to build a playground where all children — and adults — can play, regardless of their physical abilities. Their motivation is their 8-year-old son Michael, or MJ. When MJ he was 6 months old he was diagnosed with Palliste Killian Syndrome, a rare disorder that impacts a body in ways that include loss of mobility, speech, hearing, vision, cognitive delays and epilepsy.

“Every child with this has different challenges. MJ is challenged with mobility, epilepsy and cognitive delays only,” Nanci Bentley said. “This gives him the opportunity to overcome challenges others thought were impossible.”

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