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Assault charges filed in Ithaca, suspect’s ID not released

Around 7 p.m. on Friday police in Ithaca were called to an emergency for a fight in progress at a local business.

The caller reported that the aggressor was actively involved in the fight, and spitting on the victim, as well as others.

As result of the fight – the victim suffered lacerations to their face and arms, according to to police.

A description of the suspect was given to officers and the first officer to arrive on-scene located him nearby, harassing other pedestrians in the area. Police attempted to gain verbal compliance from the suspect, but he refused, according to an officer’s account of the incident.

The suspect, who’s name was withheld by police, had to be physical taken into custody. Police say the officer was fortunate to be aided by people in the area.

When additional officers arrived on-scene, the suspect was held in place until a spit hood could be properly applied, as he was continuously spitting at officers and people at the scene.

A search of the suspect during his arrest yielded a two foot long machete. Once the suspect was under control it was determined that he was experiencing some form of ‘contaminated thought’, police said in a press release.

“Either due to mental hygiene or substance abuse,” the release added. He was transported to a local hospital for evaluation for both his and the public’s safety.

Police say he was not injured.

The suspect has been charged with assault, but will not be identified, according to police. No officers were injured.

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