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Letter: Seneca Falls already had their landfill closure tax hike

Seneca Falls taxpayers are already taxed as if there was no $3 million host payment from Seneca Meadows Landfill. Citizens are being sold on the notion that taxes will skyrocket if the landfill closes. Recent Town budgets have taxed property owners as though the landfill money was not coming in. Few individuals protested, since that tax hike was not extreme. The host agreement money was actually paid and has been used for extra projects and infrastructure.

As the most populated town, Seneca Falls Taxpayers contribute approximately one third of the Seneca County real estate tax. Sales tax and room tax collected from all the towns also go into the County coffers. These taxes, frequently paid by visitors as well as residents, have been increasing steadily allowing the County to produce a flat tax rate for decades. Isn’t it time that some of this money was used to help Town governments.

Many possibilities exist. Some services, such as assessment and tax collection, could be consolidated at the county level. After reaching a certain level of revenue collection, a percentage of the County sales tax could be returned to the individual towns. These ideas and many other options do not raise the personal real estate taxes of homeowners.

Seneca Falls pays heavily to the County coffers, it should receive more benefits. As a County Supervisor, I will advocate for Seneca Falls.

In addition, I scored well on the environmental survey without being a member of the group or writing the questions.

Susan Sauvageau
Seneca Falls

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