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Three main things of successful holidays to consider

Planning a trip around Europe, clearly imagine what you want to get from it. Ask yourself what you love – whether culture and museums, or parks and mountains, or sea and spa resorts. You can find everything there. If a beach holiday is not critical for you, then you can safely choose Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Benelux countries. If you want to sunbathe under the warm sun and plunge into the warm Mediterranean Sea, then France or Italy will be an excellent option. All you need is a calendar and a map to select a date and country. Some travel agencies call this individual tourism and consider such tours extremely expensive. However, if you travel on your own, it will cost several times cheaper.

Main Elements of the Travel

Any trip consists of three main components: transport, housing, and food.

1. Transport

There are many ways to buy cheap tickets on the plane, train, and bus. But what about those tourists who do not want to be attached to the schedules? Of course, you can rent a car and drive around Europe by yourself. Anyway, the most comfortable way is a bus charter service, which allows you to order a bus with a driver, independently plan the route; and this option will make your trip unforgettable because you can take your friends or family with you.

2. Housing

One of the main points in the preparation of the route is the search for housing. There are designer hotels, five-star palaces, and modest shacks on the seashore all around the continent. You can rent inexpensive apartments, guesthouses or hostels. On different sites, it’s possible to find options that are right for you.

3. Food

Getting familiar with local cuisine for many travelers is one of the most pleasant moments during the trip. Many restaurants and cafes offer business lunches: three or four dishes for a reasonable price. Street food, surprisingly, can also be special. Crepes and panini in France, pizza and gelato in Italy, sausages in Germany – it is always satisfying, tasty, and inexpensive.

Travel with Pleasure

Visiting new places is a great way to broaden your horizons. Travelers are well-read and curious people. It’s always interesting to get acquainted with new cultures, traditions, dishes and learn a new mentality. Local people in any country are usually responsive and can tell a lot of interesting things to tourists. The purpose of each trip is to learn something new, to get out of the routine, to refresh your emotions. Unknown sights, new activities that you can explore – all these affect your internal state. Breaking out of familiar life means giving yourself a large amount of endorphin.

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