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Study: Meditation and yoga crucial to relieving chronic pain

Meditation and mindfulness are mainstream techniques used by many to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. Now, as we’re learning more about pain and its close ties to our emotions, more people are focusing in on the mind-body connection as a way to cope with it all. In this third installation of our exploration of pain, we visit a wellness studio in Durham, North Carolina, where Pamela Moore has been doing yoga therapy and mediation after a harrowing bout with brain cancer.

“I’d been moving my mom into assisted living and I thought it was just major stress, and had horrible headaches. And I even said to my husband, ‘can stress hurt your brain? Because I feel like my brain hurts’,” said Moore.

She eventually went to the emergency room, where doctors found and promptly cut out a tennis-ball sized tumor in her brain. More than a year of treatments, chemotherapy and radiation, followed that tumor removal.

“My doctor said the one thing you can do to help your cancer not grow back is eat well and exercise. And they kept saying that every time I was there,” said Moore.

A life-long dancer, Moore eventually followed doctors’ advice to get moving again. But she jumped back in too quickly. “I’ll think I can do something, like I took a Nia class and I was moving my body and dancing and my body doesn’t have that strength. And so I re-injured myself and hurt my hand, right now dealing with hip injuries.”

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