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NWS issues Frost Advisory as temps plummet into 30s overnight

Fall is here.

After early-week highs in the mid- to upper-80s reality has returned to the Finger Lakes with two consecutive days of temperatures struggling to break past 60.

For now, things will stay cool – with high temperatures not even getting beyond the 55 degree mark this afternoon.

That is to be expected, though. It’s fall, temperatures will drop, and the risk for frost will arrive, too.

Forecasters with the National Weather Service say that widespread frost entering Saturday morning is likely. Areas southeast of Monroe County are the most-likely to see frost when they wake up on Saturday. Temperatures overnight will fall into the 30s, setting up for frost with otherwise clear conditions above ground.

Things should stay dry on Saturday, with high temperatures approaching 60 degrees. By Sunday, temperatures will push toward 70; and there will be plenty of sun to end the weekend.

Check out the Weather Center for the latest forecast information from the National Weather Service.

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