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Parents rally against vaccination law in Steuben County

After a court case Monday morning, a large group of people held a rally in Pulteney Park to speak out against New York State’s recent ban on religious exemptions for vaccinations. Hundreds turned out for what organizers are calling a religious freedom rally. With the participants having just one goal, to get their children back to school. Before the rally, a court hearing was held for two parents in Addison whose children were removed from Corning Christian Academy for not being vaccinated.

“We filed the preliminary junction for a stay of the law,” said attorney, James Mermigis. “26,000 kids have been kicked out of school for the last two weeks in New York State. So basically I asked the judge today to stay the repeal of the law for sending the kids back to school.”

This comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo removed non-medical exemptions from school vaccinations earlier this year. Many people who choose to not vaccinate their children say it’s because of religious reasons.

“The one that gets me terribly is the fact that there are cells from aborted babies,” said Bath resident, Jennifer Campbell. “I’m devout Catholic and I’m absolutely against abortion. So I can’t do that to my kids. I won’t.”

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