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DEC seeks comment on Ontario landfill de-packaging project

The state Department of Environmental Conservation is allowing written public comment on an application submitted by Casella Waste Systems and the Ontario County Landfill.

The requested permit would be for construction of a de-packaging operation to remove food and beverage waste from products taken to the landfill that are unsuitable for resale. The equipment and storage tanks will be housed within the existing materials-recovery facility Casella owns and operates at the Route 5&20 landfill.

The facility proposed to process an estimated 10,000 tons of waste for an initial 12-month pilot program period. It would divert organics from the landfill by separating them from the packaging. The organics would be taken to a nearby, anaerobic digester for use as a fertilizer. Packaging material that remains would be recycled or deposited in the landfill.

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