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Achieving the Women’s Rights

Women all over the world have five friends to thank for shaping up the Women rights. What’s more, these women set the wheel in motion after having a cup of tea together on the 13th of July 1848. The five friends were able to bring about a worldwide and generational change. A young Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the chief speaker at the tea meeting.

Life would have been very different without the Women’s rights. In a time where the discrimination women faced in the 19th century was at its peak, five fearless women were able to change things for the generation to come. Society treated women unfairly. In the rare cases where they contributed to aspects of society, their roles and wages were diminished.

Now, it’s commonplace to find women take part and many a time makes crucial decisions. We live in a modern society where women have equal rights as their masculine counterparts. The internet has also played a role in creating a society which Stanton would be proud of. Women now have great control over every area of their life, their dating life inclusive. They do this with the help of social networks such as Singles or BBW ebony dating sites.

Events after the Tea Meeting

Seneca Falls, New York hosted the most significant women’s rights convention in history. The conference took place on the 19th and 20th of July, 1848. It launched the iconic suffrage movement. Women’s rights icons Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and others spearheaded the movement.

They pushed for a reform of the legislation to no avail as politicians (then originally consisting entirely of men) were skeptical about their cause, and offered the aggrieved ladies no audience.

Achieving the Right to Vote

The ladies then decided to achieve their goals through a different approach, earn the right to vote. They decided to pass on the leadership of the suffrage movement into two organizational groups, namely the National American Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and the National Woman’s Party (NWP). The former fell under the leadership of women’s rights icon Carrie Chapman Catt, while Alice Paul led the later.

Achieving Success

In the year 1920, on the 18th of November, the ladies finally achieved their goal. The decade long efforts of both women’s rights group NAWSA and NWP were finally acknowledged. The legislative arm ratified the 19th amendment which enfranchised women in this year. This victory went on to spurn multiple other victories that shaped the woman’s rights as we know it now.

The Significance of Widowed Dating Site

In a society riddled with rules, legislations, situations, ideas, and occurrences that women from the 18th would never deem possible in their wildest dreams. One such occurrence is the popularity of widowed dating sites. In the past, a woman forfeited her rights to live upon marriage. They lost their rights to own a property as well as a legal identity.

It was rare for a widow to find love after her husband’s death due to the harsh and biased society they found themselves in. Often, when a widow remarried, it was to someone who she had no emotional feelings for. This can often be depicted and likened to a business arrangement.

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