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Yates County family sues after autistic child removed from school over vaccines

A Yates County family has turned to litigation, as their 11-year-old son faces an uncertain future.

The Chronicle-Express reports that Thorn Schwartz, an 11-year-old, who is also severely autistic – was a student at Monroe BOCES No. 1. However, the school denied his medical exemptions for vaccines.

Carl and wife, Kerri Schwartz, said Thorn started changing when he was 3 and they learned anything that goes into his body can have a terrible effect, like when they used anesthesia to have his teeth cleaned at the dentist, The Express reports.

Earlier this month the Schwartz family received a letter from the school principal. It noted that the BOCES doctor reviewed Thorn’s exemption and ruled it was ‘not consistent’ with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control.

A deadline of September 18th was set to get Thorn his shots. It was a deadline that his family let come to pass.

On September 19th he was not allowed back.

Thorn’s father, an attorney, filed a lawsuit Thursday, Sept. 19, suing the principal of Creekside school at BOCES No. 1, the BOCES No. 1 nurse and doctor, and Dr. Howard Zucker, the commissioner of state health, according to The Chronicle-Express.

BOCES No. 1 doesn’t believe they’re doing anything wrong. “We, like all school districts, are following the law and guidance provided by the New York State Department of Health,” the District said.

Additional court action is scheduled for Friday, September 27th.

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