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Cuomo says he’s fine with shortened session to accommodate election calendar

An early end to the state legislative session this year has gotten the thumb’s up from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who said in a radio interview on Wednesday it’s understandable lawmakers would want to return home to campaign in primary elections slated for June.

“What difference does it make it you’re there 10 days or 5 days or 60 days? Just get the job done,” Cuomo said on WAMC, adding, “Part of their job is to be in their district and representing their district and working at that level.”

The Wall Street Journal reported last week lawmakers are considering ending the legislative session in May, rather than the traditional end date in June, in order to accommodate the new primary schedule.

State and federal primaries were consolidated this year, with state races now moved from September to June.

The new political calendar, however, has scrambled the governing schedule. The state budget is scheduled to pass by the end of March, leading to a lull in April that often extends in May. In June, lawmakers often race to put the finishing touches on non-budgetary legislation, with the session wrapping up at the end of that month.

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