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Toxics Targeting asks Cuomo to intercede in Cargill salt mine spill under Cayuga Lake

Ithaca-based Toxics Targeting is asking Governor Andrew Cuomo to intercede in a Cargill salt mine spill which took place under Cayuga Lake in February of this year, according to Finger Lakes News Radio.

Walter Hang, of Toxics Targeting accused the salt mine of allowing the flow of sodium ferrocyanide into Cayuga Lake. He was also critical of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officials.

Hang contends that the problem may have been ongoing for several months, perhaps even years, before any detection was noted.

Sodium ferrocyanide is an anti-caking agent used in road de-icing salt, but a substance with low toxicity. Hang says once coming into contact with water, however, the cyanide disassociates, becoming more toxic, according to reporting by Finger Lakes News Radio.

Officials with Cargill and DEC have both disputed the claims by Toxics Targeting.

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