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LATEST HABs: 20 more ‘confirmed blooms’ in Seneca Lake last week

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association has provided another update on algae blooms around the lake.

Out of 21 samples collected, 20 of them were ‘confirmed blooms’, according to an update on Tuesday.

“The peak HAB season continued this week. We saw blooms 5 days this week—all but Thursday and Sunday. Of the 21 samples, 20 have been confirmed while 1 sample was below the threshold. We also had 14 bloom reports where no sample was taken,” SLPWA said in an update.

Thus far 70 samples have been confirmed; and as of Sunday, September 22nd – there have been 12 ‘bloom days’, which the organization says are days with at least one valid bloom report.

“We had two reports on August 21, then reports on 11 of the 18 days between September 5 and 22. Last year we had 11 total bloom days, but the pattern was very similar—one early then a majority of days in September,” SLPWA explained. “Part of the apparent increase might be the fact that we have more volunteers looking and we are looking during the whole week instead of focusing on the weekends.”

SLPWA says that peak HAB season has ‘probably ended’. However, a few more blooms are possible. They say that reporting and monitoring will continue over the next two weeks.

A forum on HABs will be held at Hobart & William Smith Colleges on October 23rd. More details to follow on this event.

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