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The advantage of marriage and a happy home

Most married couples always want to live in peace and harmony. They think that a healthy relationship can add extra benefits to keep them on a path to a happy life. Marriage is a commitment to one another even in sickness and health, it’s more than just sharing a full-size beds with your partner. It is the certainty that in the toughest moments your spouse will be there. But did you think about how marriage could safeguard us against illness and unhappiness?

Marriage does not only provide you longevity but also a happier and fuller life. So, here are some of the advantages of having a marriage and happy home:

Personal Growth

When you realize somebody has your back, it’s easier to face personal difficulties. Successfully married couples often report being the greatest determining factor in how well they accomplish their private objectives is the amount of assistance they get from their spouse.

Your spouse’s support can make a huge difference in your life. Your spouse feels safe enough with your support and has enough practical and emotional help to pursue their personal goals.

Therefore, building a happy marriage ends up setting the stage to help each other to reach personal objectives. It is not difficult to imagine how much energy a distressed marriage takes up to achieve those objectives.


It turns out that longevity also has a significant effect. People are always looking for a longer life for that secret elixir. Research indicates marriage satisfaction can boost lifespan and decrease the risk of death. For married people, this has been discovered.

Why? Scientists say that having a spouse can have a powerful bond which will cause you to make healthier decisions and take more care of yourself. Individuals living alone may have less motivation to look after themselves. If they do not eat healthily, exercise and take excellent care of their bodies, no one will have to check them out. Unhappily married individuals are more susceptible to unhealthy activities such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Being married implies that your spouse will be able to verify you and promote good behavior, and will be able to provide emotional and physical assistance when you’re sick But being happily married will also make you want to be healthy because you wouldn’t want to worry about having unhealthy spouse and kids.

In addition, marital satisfaction improves happiness and protects against mental health problems. It can also boost physical health and defend against early death. So, as you might expect, there’s an emotional and physical connection. It’s much easier to lay down on your comfy pillow at night when you know that you’re in good terms with your spouse.

Life Satisfaction and Purpose

Since marriage is heavily related to the daily experience of happiness, it is also regarded as the strongest determinant of overall life satisfaction. Life satisfaction relates to whether you think that you have lived your life well, that you are pleased with the decisions you have made and that you are optimistic about the future.

Just take a break and think about it. Think about what’s anchoring in your definition of a well-lived life. Is it about attaining a financial goal? Or is it send your children or grandchildren to college and life? Some of those things are just materialistic.

Normally, marriage satisfaction is also heavily associated with life’s sense of purpose and significance. According to research, marriage intimacy is the strongest predictor of satisfaction and purpose in life.

Before anything else, stop and do a self-check. Think about if you’re looking for the meaning of life in the right places? It is indeed that you can be easily distracted. But always remember that put your marriage at the top of your priority list for creating purpose and meaning in life.


Marital happiness is closely associated with overall daily happiness. A healthy marriage is often considered as one of the greatest predictors of happiness.

For instance, research gathered data from over 1500 respondents about their marriage, work, financial, society and health about their general happiness and level of happiness. They discovered marital happiness is closely associated with overall happiness than the other things.

That raises the question: are you in the correct location in searching for happiness? One of the main places is within marriage to explore and appreciate. As a gift of grace, marriage is where we can experience happiness.

However, the feeling of joy is more than just feeling great. Happiness continues to have favorable results in all aspects of life. Happy individuals are more hopeful, more confident, more sociable, kinder and more adventurous, making them more successful in many fields. Happiness specific benefits include:

1. Success at work and job satisfaction

2. Has higher income

3. Strengthens friendships

4. Improves physical health

5. Enhanced mental health

Keys for a Happy Marriage

Here are some of the few tips on how to strengthen your relationship with your spouse:

Continue your courtship

Continue or revive your courtship even though you’re already married. Successful weddings need hard work, they need to be strengthened. Don’t take each other for granted or your marriage might be damaged by monotony. Show your love growing for each other by demonstrating it to one another; or else, love may fade and may drift apart.

Love and happiness are not discovered by your own search for them, but by sharing them with others. Spend more time together as much as possible. Learn to greet each other passionately whenever you see them, especially in the morning. Enjoy life, travel, shop look for new modern resident furniture together, wander around, and dine together. Don’t ignore the endearment, encouragement, and affection.

Surprise one another with presents or favors. Try to cherish one another. Don’t attempt to take more than you put in your marriage. Lack of love is one of the wrecking balls in marriage.

Guard your thoughts

False thinking can deeply damage your marriage. You may think that your marriage was a mistake, that your spouse doesn’t know you, or you’re jealous of a new workmate.

These harmful thoughts can eventually control your actions. Avoid doing anything that indicates being unfaithful — or associating with someone else. Uncontrolled thoughts could lead to a disaster.

Never go to bed angry with one another

It can be harmful to stay upset about big or small issues. Unless resolved in a timely way, even minor issues may be set in your mind and may adversely impact your life perspective. Before going to bed, let your anger cool for a while.

Be brave enough to forgive and say that you’re sorry. No one is perfect after all, and you’re always on the same team, so be humble enough to admit wrongdoing when you make it. In addition, trying to make up is a great experience, with extraordinary powers to bring spouses closer together.

Keep the family circle closed tightly

Private matters with your family should never be discussed outside your home — not even with relatives. An individual, who sympathizes or listen to the complaint, outside the marriage can estrange a husband’s and wife’s hearts. Solve your family issues. Nobody else should be engaged except a marriage counselor.

Be honest and never hold secrets with each other. Refrain from telling tasteless jokes that can affect the feelings of your spouse, and defend one another. Committing adultery can harm you and everyone else in your family. If flirtations have started, completely break them off. By doing this, shadows may settle over your life that can’t be readily lifted.

Determine to speak softly and kindly

Talk to your spouse in a gentle and kind way, even in conflicts. Under any event, choices made when upset, exhausted or disheartened are ineffective. It’s best to settle down and let anger cool down before you speak. And let it always be quiet and loving when you talk. Harsh, words of anger can crush the will of your spouse to please you.

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