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Reed’s office says its open to helping NYS, Senecas navigating Thruway issues

Rep. Tom Reed, R-NY-23, said he will refer to the Department of Justice moving forward on a request he made for a federal investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-NY, and his administration.

The congressman said he did have a positive first impression from U.S. Attorney J.P. Kennedy about how his office will handle concerns about the disrepair of a section of Thruway that runs through Seneca Nation territory. The governor acknowledged last week there was a connection between the lack of repairs and an ongoing dispute between the Senecas and the state over casino revenue.

Reed believes Cuomo may be abusing his authority and misusing federal funds by tying together unrelated issues. He voiced those concerns in a letter to Attorney General William Barr and hand-delivered Tuesday to Kennedy in Buffalo.

“(Kennedy) understands that this is a serious request that what we’re trying to do here in regards to holding the governor’s office but at the same time that our priority mission throughout all of this is to make sure the traveling public is safe,” Reed said.

Cuomo’s office dismissed the request for a probe as a cheap stunt and insinuated Reed was “weaponizing law enforcement to score dumb political points.” The congressman said it is absolutely not a stunt.

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