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Runoff reduction, resiliency to flooding ID’d as opportunities for Seneca Co. Soil and Water District funds

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $2.3 million will be awarded to 24 farms across the state through the Climate Resilient Farming (CRF) Grant Program.  Launched by the Governor in 2015, the program helps farms reduce their operational impact on the environment and address the impacts of extreme weather events resulting from climate change. 

County Soil and Water Conservation Districts were awarded grants on behalf of farmers in one of the following three project tract categories:  agricultural waste storage cover and flare for methane reduction, on-farm water management, and soil health systems.  These Best Management Practices (BMP’s) reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance soil health, promote energy savings and emphasize water management to mitigate the effects of periods of drought on crops and livestock, as well as heavy rainfall and flooding.

Seneca County Soil and Water Conservation District was awarded $106,100 to work with two farms in the Cayuga Lake Watershed on various water management systems that will bolster resiliency to flooding and erosion.  Implementation of runoff reduction BMP’s have been identified as priority actions and align with goals set forth in the Cayuga Lake Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Action Plan.

Seneca County SWCDs District Manager, Erin Peruzzini says, “Seneca County is all too familiar with the increasing frequency of extreme storm events and the subsequent erosion and flooding impacts it has on our natural resources.  Not only will this funding help farmers continue to support productive and environmentally sustainable agriculture, but it will also aid in protecting Cayuga Lake, an invaluable resource.”

In order to participate in the CRF Grant Program, farmers must participate in the Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) Program.  AEM is a voluntary, incentive-based program that helps farmers make common-sense, cost-effective, and science-based decisions to meet business objectives while protecting and conserving New York State’s natural resources.  By participating in AEM, farmers can document their environmental stewardship and further advance their positive contributions to their communities, our food systems, the economy, and the environment.

If you have any questions about the Climate Resilient Farming grant or how to participate in the AEM program please call the Seneca County SWCD District Manager, Erin Peruzzini at (315) 835-6039.

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