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Local author uses postcards to illustrate women’s suffrage movement

As she flips through each card, author Carol Crossed is taking us through decades of women’s suffrage history.

In front of her is a large collection of vintage postcards, which highlight the struggles women went through from the late 1800s to 1920, when the 19th Amendment was passed and American women allowed to vote for the first time.

It’s a project she’s spent over a decade working on.

“It was fun just finding them and collecting them,” Crossed said.

She’s got quite the collection, with about 400 postcards and they’re not just from the United States. You can find suffrage cards from other countries like Italy, Mexico, and many more.

“They’re all over the map, and it was a work of love,” she said.

The work is now preserved in her new book, “Vintage Tweets.”

The book chronicles her collection with chapters dedicated to the different issues and different countries. She hopes it can reach a wider audience in order to entertain, but also, to teach.

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