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Understanding Job Agency Toronto

A job agency Toronto can help you unlock many job opportunities. Job recruitment organisations attract potential candidates by advertising the areas of their expertise. They also have an extensive database of applicants from which they can get a selection of potential applicants for an interview whenever a position comes on their way. Job agencies relieve a company the work of carrying out the recruitments, as it brings excellent expertise and all the resources need to accomplish the recruitment process.

However, the responsibility of choosing the final candidate remains with the company’s selection committee where they can conduct interviews for the selected candidate to know his/her suitability to the advertised vacancy. So, for a firm to concentrate on more important duties, it should consider a job agency Toronto for recruitment purposes.

  1. Services Provided.

In summary, a job agency may offer the following services;

  • Executive search which is also called a headhunt.

  • Carries out the selection process.

  • Conducts specialist recruitment.

  • Advertisement and placement.

  • Handles initial queries and acknowledge applications.

  • It shortlists the candidates and conducts the preliminary interview.

  • Hands offer shortlisted candidates for further screening.

  • Arranges for interviews with the shortlisted candidates.

  • Assist with the job terms negotiations and advise those who didn’t succeed in the selection.

  1. Indicative Charges.

Charges depend on the job agency in Toronto you chose and the support level you need. However, agencies will normally charge between ten to eighteen percent of the remuneration package. These fees usually don’t include travel and advertisement costs. Charges for headhunting might be higher.

  1. Engaging A Job Agency.

Job agencies have proven their value. With more than ninety percent of revenue, the employment agency offers jobs for more than fifty thousand job seekers every day. These recruitment firms play a crucial role in meeting the rising demand for skilled and unskilled workers in Canada.

Here are benefits you get if you consider using a job agency Toronto;

  • It saves you on time- you don’t have to go through thousands of resumes to select the best candidate if you choose a job agency.

  • It saves you money-if you decide to hire employees for yourself, you will need to employ some experts in the human resource sector. However, if you choose to use a staffing agency, you may not even need an HR office. Besides, the hiring process is conducted quickly, and you get better results.

  • It saves you much hassles-you will not be responsible for handling payroll taxes, some government taxes, and the effects of unexpected actions by employees.

  • You will be able to tailor your workforce to cater to the business demands. Often, businesses rely on the job agency in Toronto to provide them with quick workers on a temp basis, and when the need arises for perm workers as well.

  • Job agencies have a wide range of network of candidates and also connections with the industries with potential vacancies. They keep a database of all types of job seekers and you as an employer you need to say what kind of position you need to be filled and the agency does the remaining job of selecting the right candidate for that position.

However, before engaging an agency Toronto, consult with your HR representative. It is the function of the HR department to make sure that the hiring process is conducted according to the policies and procedure of recruitment, screening, and appointment.

The person in charge of recruitment must, therefore, make sure;

  • The relevant authority accepts the recruitment of the position, the engagement of a job agency Toronto, and the relevant documentation.

  • That the vacancy is advertised on the public jobs site.

  • That a recruitment file is initiated.

  • That the recruitment body writes a report of all the unsuccessful applicants.

  • Finally, the employee selected by the recruitment agency should be approved by the company executive.

Whatever the recruitment needs you want to meet, considering to use a job agency in Toronto can help you meet your hiring needs. Recruitment agencies provide quick and efficient services, and you are more likely to get the best candidate for the position you want to be filled in your company. Besides, they can shoulder some company liabilities such as taxes and some unexpected demands by the employees.

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