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NYS looking to get ahead of court stenographer shortages

Officials across the country are looking to recruit young professionals to be court stenographers. The effort comes as big changes are being made to the justice system in New York.

“There’s going to be a lot of opportunity in the near future as we continue to lose people to retirement,” said John Keller, the principal court reporter for the 3rd District of the New York Supreme Court.

Other factors like the development of digital recorders and a nearly 85% dropout rate in court reporting instructional programs have also contributed to the shortage.

Stenographers in many local courts have been covering for each other when they’re short-staffed. But soon they’ll have a problem doing that because cases related to Raise the Age and the Child Victims Act will likely increase caseloads.

That’s why court officials are looking to implement new programs to recruit young professionals, like Steno A to Z, among others.

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