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Cuomo says New York State Fair is going green

Wednesday was Governor’s Day at the fair, so that means the fair got the typical visit from Governor Cuomo. However, his way of arriving at the fair wasn’t so typical.

Governor Cuomo took Amtrak from Albany, along with many of his cabinet members, right to the train station on the back side of the fairgrounds. Cuomo was promoting Amtrak’s years-long service to the fairgrounds.

While the Governor was at the fair, he made a big announcement. In introducing the Governor, the Agriculture Commissioner, who oversees the State Fair, announced how to make the fairgrounds more sustainable. That means renewable energy, such as wind turbines, to power the entire fairgrounds by 2023.

To match the Governor’s plastic ban bag, this year, they are asking all vendors to reduce plastic usage, including straws, bags and utensils. It is voluntary this year, so you might not see many changes everywhere.

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