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SUNY programs supports sex abuse victims

Bags are packed, and letters are signed with inspirational messages.

The ‘SUNY’s Got Your Back’ program is shining a light on victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

They’re hoping their act of goodwill puts a smile on someone’s face.

“They’re about restoring dignity for the folks that are ultimately receiving them. I think that is going to ultimately shed a little bit of light or bring a little bit of brightness to what is otherwise a terrible day,” said Elizabeth Brady, SUNY Sexual and Interprofessional Violence Director.

The group spent the day putting together comfort kits for crime victims. Each one contains toiletries, a stress ball, and items to help in their recovery.

“We ship and deliver them to agencies. A number of them are going right here in the Southern Tier and then we’re going to bring to agencies across the state, said Joseph Storch, SUNY Associate Counsel.”

Each bag will also include a number of resources and locations you can go to if you do need help.

“Getting the word out about victim survivor compensation if something of theirs is broken during an assault, or if they need access to transportation, or healthcare costs,” said Brady.

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