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Study: Social media use may be harmful for teens’ mental health, especially girls

A trip to the Brighton Memorial Library becomes a healthy summer habit for Jennifer Regan and her two kids, 10-year-old Owen and seven-year-old Zoey. Time at the library keeps them engaged and off their electronic devices at home.

“My husband and I are a bit strict when it comes to the Internet and using it,” Regan said. “They do have their own tablets, but we take all the precautions we can.”

The Brighton mom said it was concerning to hear her daughter Zoey experienced negativity on an interactive online game for kids.

“I’ve seen just through that game, kind of how awful kids can be to each other because they’re anonymous,” said Regan.

There is growing concern in the link between social media use and the well-being in young people.

A new study, published in the journal The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, examined how frequent social media use may lead to poor mental health and adverse side effects in teens.

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